We are a ‘niche’ player in Brussels real estate market and real estate developer specialised in both office and residential developments. We assist clients/investors that does not have the time, experience or human resources to ensure the tasks essential to its perfect completion.

Real estate development

Our market knowledge and experience guides us in finding new development projects. We develop our projects with a constant aesthetic and responsible concern.

Co-investment and Co-development

Passioned by real estate and people. We are always open to co-investments and co-developments.

Added Value

our expertise covers also the rehabilitation of existing buildings into future proof projects aiming the higher ambitions in terms of circularity, sustainability and certification.

Advisory services

Our dedicated team of advisors are at your service to help you out in all the different stages of a real estate project.

"Develop For Nature"

We are naturally concerned about questions related to sustainability. Our environmental commitment manifests itself in the sustainable development that is seen in all our projects.

By adding the dimension of nature to our different projects, we strive for the balance between the construction on the one hand, and the city, the neighbourhood and environment on the other hand.

Architectural design, the use of natural elements such as power sources and heat generation, optimum management of thermal losses and insulation are all factors that enable us to ensure that our users and tenants are always comfortable, while take our responsibility for the environment and limiting energy consumption to meet the environmental measures set out.

We aim to push the boundaries of transformation in the built environment, and challenge our imagination in shaping a better world for future generations.

New project

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